Lost T & The Annex


Coach (Carl Maricle) and Princess (Mary Giehl) cleaning at Lost T

Lost T was accidentally found in 2008 by Gary Thomann while trying to layout a path to Lost Hunter cliff. This circumstance, and his surname, lead to the name. It was a lucky find, since Lost T is only a 15 to 20 minute walk from the parking lot, has a lot of nice climbs, and has easy access to the top of the cliff.  A careful reading of one of Barbara McMartins guides would have located this cliff earlier. Like many Adirondack crags, Lost T is not easy to photograph. As soon as you back away trees hide the cliff. The image above shows some of the Arietta Climbing team working in 2011. The Dike is on the left and Coach and Mary, an easier climb, on the right. In the middle, hardly visible, is Mean Sister, yet to be cleaned.

The Annex is a smaller cliff, actually it appears to be part of the Lost T rock formation. The Annex is about 200 yards south of Lost T and when walking into Lost T you go right by the top of The Annex. The Annex has two nice bolted climbs at the left end, “Chocolate Left” and “Chocolate Right” and an intriguing one on the right name Criss Cross. Criss Cross is 5.9 except for an impossible move near the top. Links for Lost T and The Annex guides are below.

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Lost T Guide
The Annex Guide