Lost T2

Lost T2 was also discovered accidently by Gary Thomann when he was on the way back from a hike. This cliff is really a part of the McMartin system but it is way south of the main cliff so it was given its own name. Interestingly, after its discovery we walked the whole cliff line from Lost T2 north to the main cliff and did not find any other good climbing sites. Do not confuse this cliff with Lost T; the two are a considerable distance apart. It is considerably easier to walk to Lost T than to T2.

Lost T2 is a small cliff, about 50 feet high and 200 feet wide. It has 5 climbs on it, more might be possible. There are also several large boulders above the cliff on the right side that might have routes on them.

The picture on the right is Bill Griffith at the start of welcome to america, a difficult 5.10d. It looks like the belayer Keegan Griffith is not paying attention but Bill does not yet have any protection in so there is nothing to belay. One of the difficulties of this climb is that you have to get up pretty high before anything can be put in.

There is a short guide for this craig, it can be downloaded from the link below. The guide includes a drawing of the cliff and a map showing how to hike to it. To download the guide right click the link and select "Save Target As..."

Lost T2 Guide