New Cliff #1

This is a small cliff we are looking at. It is about 40 feet high and maybe 100 feet wide. There appear to be three or four nice crack climbs and also an arete climb at the left end of the cliff. It leans back a few degrees from vertical so the routes would probably stay out of the dreaded 5.10/11 range. The rock extends around on the left side and there may be additional climbs. Bill Griffith and I walked out from this cliff in just over 20 minutes. The walk out is downhill but not steep. There is no developed path. Carrying a pack, the approach to the cliff would be approximately 30 minutes.

We have not yet made a decision about developing this cliff, our reservation is the time required to walk in for such a small cliff. Shown below is a gallery of pictures so you can get an idea of what is there. If you wish to comment, please leave responses in the box below. Thanks.


Picture 1 of 8

Standing about the middle of the cliff looking to the right

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