This page has a link to a modifed pistol permit application for Schenectady county.  In Schenectady county normally you download the main form as a pdf document from the county web site, print out three copies and fill them out.  The form is two pages, which must be printed front/back on a single sheet of paper.  Only the front page requires much work; the back page is for your finger prints, although you must also list the information about your pistol on the back page.

 I took the front page and using Adobe Acrobat modified it so you can fill out the required information (name, address, etc.) on your computer and then print out the 3 copies.  That way you do not have to fill out the permit form three times by hand.  There is a link below for both the front and back page.  Only the front page has been modified, at this time the rear page is the same as you download from the county.  So, if you have already downloaded the county form you do not need to get the rear page.

The process is simple.  On your computer fill out the front page and resave it as a pdf, changing the file name if you want.  Then print out the filled out front page, grab the sheet and stick it back in your printer and do the rear page on the other side of the sheet.  Do this three times and you are done, well partially done.  You still have to paste a photograph on each copy and do a couple of other things.  The front page that you print out will look exactly the same as the county form, except info will be printed instead of hand written.

Right click on either link and select “Save Target As…”
Front Page
Back Page

For the Marlin 1897 manual right click on the link below and select “Save Target As…”
Marlin 1897

For the Winchester Model 1890 document right click on the link below and select “Save Target As…”
Winchester 1890

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