Mountain Biking

Trouble on the trail

This is a site for the mtn bike information for eastern New York, Vermont and western Massachusetts.  On the Adirondack mountain biking page there is a guidebook in pdf format for Adirondack trails. It covers rides for all the Wild Forest areas and also coverage of the new easement lands in the park. The new guide is an update of the 2001 printed guide “Mountain Biking in the Adirondacks: 25 Trail Riding Adventures.” The pdf guide now has 38 trails. For the other areas there are trail maps, also in pdf format. All maps use UTM NAD83 Zone 18 format with distances and elevations in meters(m). This is a standard system for New York state. You should set your GPS to that system. With UTM NAD83 your gps unit will read an east and north value in meters measured from reference lines. The reference value for the north line is the equator and the east reference for Zone 18 is approximately a north/south line through Detroit. The map grid has numbers on it. For example, if you see 4726 on one of the horizontal lines in the map grid and the second number on your gps display is 4726000 then you are sitting on that horizontal line. You are also 4,726 km north of the equator, not that you probably care. Your east location is found in a similar manner, although the numbers are smaller since Detroit is not that far away. From what I hear I don’t think you want to go there though.

Although the numbers are large you quickly get used to them, and it is simple to find your position on the map. If you take a reading at the trailhead where you started then most gps units will tell you the direction to the trailhead and the distance to it in meters. If you don’t like metric just remember 1 m = 1.1 yd = 3.3 ft. 30 m is 100 ft and 1 km is 0.62 mi.

If you ride and record gps tracks I would very much like to have them. Send them to me at Thank You.

The links below will take you to the pages for the various riding areas. You can download a guide or map there.

Adirondacks Park guide
Charleston State Forest
Grafton & Cherry Plain east of Albany
Jockey Hill/Bluestone Wild Forest
Lippman Park
Luther Forest north of Albany
Pine Hill Park in Rutland
Taconic Crest along NY/MA border
Taconic Hereford aka 909
Thatcher Park
Daniels Rd
Stewart Forest
Schenectady Park
Gurney Lane Recreation Area
Ride over a log