Adirondack Mountain Biking

There is a lot of mountain biking in the Adirondacks, especially if you like getting muddy! Try the Lake George area or some of the trails around Wilcox Lake. You can download a guide to the Adirondack trails below. It is in standard pdf format. The guide has rides for all the Wild Forest areas in the park and has detailed maps with GPS grids on them. You can use your GPS unit to recover when you take a wrong turn and get totally lost. The guide also has some coverage of the new easement lands in the park. The jury is out on how good the easement areas will be for riding. The new guide is an update of the 2001 printed guide Mountain Biking in the Adirondacks: 25 Trail Riding Adventures. However, the new guide has 38 rides, not just 25.

To downlod the guide right click on link below and select “Save Document As..”
Mountain Bike Guide


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Dick Gibbs at start of South Lake trail

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