Daniels Rd

This area has a long history, which I may not know completely. In the distant past it was known as Skidmore or The Stables. Then Skidmore threw the mtn bikers off and a group called Saratoga Mountain Bike Association (SMBA) formed and leased some land from the Finch Pruyn lumber company. This leased land was just north of the area where the Stables trails were. SMBA developed many new trails on the leased land and if you joined SMBA, paying a nominal fee, you could ride there. This was the situation for several years. In the past few years major changes have occurred in the Adirondacks as the lumber companies either sold their holdings to New York State (NYS) or sold easements on their land. In 2007 NYS bought the land from Finch Pruyn. Well, that is not quite true, actually The Nature Conservancy (TNC) bought the land. TNC continued to lease the land to SMBA. Then in December of 2013 TNC ended the lease in preparation to selling the land to NYS, what was originally intended. As of spring of 2014 that transfer has been completed and the trails are now managed by DEC; forester Rich McDermott does the actual management. SMBA is still involved as the volunteer organization that will maintain the trails.

As part of the ownership changeover there are some political considerations, particularly with surrounding landowners. Because of this, and the limited parking, this is not a good place to take a large group of riders. Go with one or two other riders on a weekday afternoon when you don’t want to work. Obey signs closing any of the trails.

The trails I have ridden are shown in the map below. Supposedly DEC is also going to put out a trail map; when they do I will put a reference to it here.

Daniels Road trail map

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