Grafton and Cherry Plain

There are a lot of trails at Grafton and Cherry Plain. There have been organized rides at Grafton for at least the last 20 years. North of Grafton, and down the slope, is the Pittstown State forest which also has maintained mtn bike trails. There are trail maps for both Grafton and cherry Plain available at the Grafton park office. You can buy high quality 17 x 22 inch maps for the ridiculous low price of $2.00 each! Below are links to download a pdf file of each of these maps. They will not be as good as the printed ones, but will get you started. The first time you are at Grafton try to get by the office and buy a printed copy.

To downlod the Grafton and Cherry Plain maps right click on link below and select “Save Document As..”
Grafton map
Cherry Plain map

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