Bluestone Wild Forest aka Jockey Hill

Jockey Hill is a mountain bike area just west of Kingston. The proper name is Bluestone Wild Forest but I think most riders call it Jockey Hill. There is a map of the area shown below. I have now ridden there about 6 times and I think my map shows almost all the trails. DEC has a map of the area, you can find it at The DEC map shows the trails by Onteora Lake and the Wintergreen Loop. It does not have a gps grid. The Fats in the Cats club has a hand drawn map at The hand drawn map is difficult to understand.

I think all riders use the trailhead on Jockey Hill Rd. Get off I87 at Exit 19 and go just a bit east to highway 209. Go north on 209 and get off at the first exit, Sawkill Rd. Go northeast on Sawkill Rd and just past the village turn south on Jockey Hill Rd. Or you can take a shortcut by turning left on Hill Rd in the village which crosses over to Jockey Hill. Just a couple of tenths of a mile south of where Hill Rd comes in there is parking on the right. You can also continue south on Jockey Hill a bit further and park where the gate blocks further car access. However, I think most riders park at the first (northern) lot. It is also possible to come in from the southeast by riding past the landfill, but I don’t think anybody is doing that.

I have included on the map a piece called the Frazer Parcel which I believe is public land, although I don’t find it on any of the DEC maps.

The grid on my map is the usual UTM NAD83 Zone 18 with both distance and elevation contours in meters(m). Set your unit to those coordinates/datum and you are ready to go. The public land is shown light green. There is a link at the bottom of the page for you to download the map. Since it is a vector map you can print out any part of it at a larger scale if you want. The map is pretty detailed and might look better if you printed it on something larger than regular 8.5 11 letter paper. If you ride there with your gps you could send me the track as a gpx or kml or xml file and I will put your data into the map.

To download the Jockey Hill map, right click the link and select “Save Target As…”
Jockey Hill trail map

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