Lippman Park

Lippman Park is in the Town of Wawarsing in Ulster County. I think the park surrounds an old landfill, but that is ok. Anyway, it has nice mountain bike trails. I have ridden some of the beginner and intermediate ones; I think there are also advanced trails although I have not yet done them. The map below shows the trails we rode one day in October of 2013. I mounted my GPS on the handlebars and took readings.

The trails are maintained by the Renegades mountain bike club, their web page is They have a more complete trail map. I labeled some of the trails, but they are so close together I am not really certain what trails we were on. I will get back in the spring of 2014 and ride some more of them. I guess my contribution at this time is putting a GPS grid on the map. Set your GPS coordinates to UTM NAD83 Zone 18 with distance in meters(m) (get away from that latitude/longitude stuff) and you can easily find your location. On the map legend I put the coordinates of the center of the parking lot, 553680,4623530. So if you set your GPS as I suggest and it reads 554200,4624300 you are (554200 – 553680) = 520 m east of the parking lot (number get bigger as you go east) and 770 m north of the lot (bigger numbers as you go north). There is also a grid on the map. The horizontal line that has 4624 on it is 4624000 north. The grid squares on the map are 500 m on a side. So if you had 554200,4624300 displayed on your GPS you can see you are in the northeast corner of the park by or on the Lyons Gait trail. My map also has complete elevation contours. The distance between adjacent contours is 6 m (20 ft) and between the darker labeled main contours is 30 m (100 ft). If you completely metric challenged just remember that a meter is 10% longer than a yard or equals 3.3 ft. A kilometer (1000 m) equals 0.62 miles (mi).

The trails we rode in October had quite a few rocks and roots. I was on a 26 inch hardtail with a 10 year old front shock and was occasionally challenged. My friend had a full suspension 29er and had an easier time. I expect the advanced labeled trails are interesting.

You can download and print my map from the link below. Like I mentioned, I will try to ride some more at Lippman Park and get more of the trails on the map.

To download the map, right click the link and select “Save Target As…”
Lippman Park trail map

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