Wes Griffen, John Whalen and John Lubrant on the Berry Pond trail above Jiminy Peak

Gray Watkins is behind Wes Griffen and missed his chance for stardom

The Taconic Crest has a jillion miles of mountain bike trails, all challenging. The trails run either along the crest or drop a thousand feet to the valley below. The crest can be divided into a north section from Petersburg Pass to Highway 43 at Jiminy Peak and a southern section from Jiminy Peak to Route 20. Included here are maps for both sections showing the trails on public land that you can ride. I have ridden all these trails, although I can not vouch for their present condition. I have written descriptions of many of the trails, I may post these later.

There is also a hiking trail that runs along the crest - riding is NOT allowed on the hiking trail. I have drawn the hiking trail on the map with a different line style. There is a trail that runs north from Petersburg Pass on land owned by Williams College. Riding is not allowed on it. ATV's and motorcycles are not legal on public land on the NY side; I believe they can still ride some of the trails in MA.

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Taconic Crest North Section
Taconic Crest South Section