Thatcher Park

I guess the correct name is John Boyd Thatcher State Park. Whatever, in the past few years it has become a good place to mountain bike. Shown below is a map of the park. Like usual I have not ridden all the trails yet so some trails are not on my map. I like to be sure I have the accurate location (well within the 20 – 30 ft for consumer gps) before I put them on. From my riding experience the trails in the northern part of the park are rocky and rooty and a bit technical, intermediate rated and good to ride.

You can get maps that show all the trails at the Parks web site I don’t know if the trails on their map are located accurately or not. In any case, with my map and a gps unit you can tell where you are and get back to the car if you get completely lost. I will ride the trails in the spring of 2014 and get them on my map. There is a link at the bottom of the page where you can download the map in pdf format.

Thatcher is south of Albany just south of the village of Altamont. Do a Google Map search on Altamont NY and you will see there are several ways to get there, all a bit complicated. But it can be done and is worth the trouble.

To download the Thatcher Park map, right click the link and select “Save Target As…”
Thatcher trail map

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